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Dedication, Hard Work, and Determination Is a Winning Formula for a New Career

Jan 27, 2014

When Lakeisha Higgins enrolled in the medical assisting program at the Lexington Campus in 2012, she knew she had taken on a real challenge.  As a single mother who was also working full-time, Lakeisha knew she was going to have to become a master at juggling work, home, and school duties.  “I was tired of dead-end jobs.  I wanted a career…and the only way to get that career was to go to college.  I knew it would never get any easier, so I jumped in and didn’t look back.”

“I loved my time at American National University,” said Lakeisha.  “The flexible schedule allowed me to work and attend classes.  The teachers were wonderful – always there to help and motivate me.  My training paved the way for my new life and career.”

Lakeisha completed an externship with Colorectal Surgical and Gastroenterology Associates in Lexington and said this about her experience:

“I had never pictured myself in an internal-medicine career…but I absolutely loved it from the very first day.  The doctors and staff were terrific, the pace was fast, and no two days were ever the same.  As my externship was coming to a close, they actually offered me a full-time job – which I eagerly accepted. I work in administration, medical records, assist during surgical procedures, and my favorite part of all is working one-on-one with our patients. I absolutely love my job and my training at American National University made this possible!”

Lakeisha Higgins was hired full-time after completing her externship at Colorectal Surgical and Gastroenterology Associates in Lexington, KY.

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