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Daughter Joins Her Mother in the Nursing Program at National

Sep 08, 2014

Rachel Bentley has always been inspired by her mother, Melissa Bentley, who enrolled in the nursing program at the Pikeville Campus to find a career caring for others.  Rachel considered pursuing a career in the medical field herself when she began working as a CNA in a nursing home.  Soon, she found that she shared her mother’s love for patient care, which confirmed her decision to become a nurse. “I realized that I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else,” Rachel said.

After recently graduating from high school, Rachel looked into nursing programs at several local colleges, and she even had a scholarship waiting for her at the University of Pikeville. But after careful consideration, she chose American National University because of her mother’s great experience in the program, and the quick two-year time frame in which she could earn her associate’s degree, thanks to National’s year-around, five-term schedule. “I liked the idea more and more,” Rachel said. “I can get done [faster], and I know they [produce] quality nurses with a quality education. They know what they’re doing when they get out.”

As a single mother, Melissa was initially drawn to the program at National because of the availability of night classes, which allowed her to continue to work as a mail carrier while she earned her degree.  But now that she’s immersed in the program, she’s impressed by the high bar that’s been set for its students. “Our nurse administrator, Denise Clements, is the hardest on us ever…but she wants you to be the best nurse you can possibly be,” Melissa said.

Melissa will be in the last term of her program when Rachel begins her program in November, and she is thrilled with her daughter’s decision to join her at National.  “She said…’I want to be a National nurse,’” Melissa recalled with a smile. “It’s exciting. To see her want this, and to see her bloom and blossom is awesome.  It’s amazing to know that I had a part in directing and encouraging her for this, because her and my son have been my biggest encouragers and my biggest support team.”

After completing their program at National, both Melissa and Rachel plan to continue their education to the master’s level or beyond.  Melissa’s goal is to someday work in endocrine education, and Rachel will pursue a career as a nurse anesthetist.

A-Melissa Bentley (l) helped inspire her daughter, Rachel Bentley (r ) to enroll in the nursing program at the Pikeville Campus.

B-Melissa Bentley has a passion for caring for others, and she hopes to someday work in the area of endocrine education.

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