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Cynthia Hansel-Career Center Director-Richmond

Sep 29, 2014

American National University Difference Maker

• Cynthia Hansel – Difference Maker at the Richmond Campus

• Career center director

• American National University staff member since 2009
• Recipient of American National University’s Outstanding College Member award for the Richmond Campus in 2011

• Received associate’s degrees in accounting and administrative office professional from American National University
• Previously worked in student services before becoming career center director

“I admire our students’ determination to make a better life for them and their families.
“Everyone needs encouragement along the way, and I hope that I make a difference by being that person who encourages our students — letting them know that “yes, you can do it,” whether it is a test they don’t think they will do well on or a job interview they are scared to go to, and giving them that pat on the back for a job well done and jumping for joy with them when they land that dream job.
“The best thing about being a American National University staff member is working with a great group of individuals who want to see each and every student succeed.”

Difference  Maker, Cynthia Hansel has been employed by the Richmond Campus since 2009.