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Curiosity About Computers Leads to a Career in Information Technology

Curiosity About Computers Leads to a Career in Information Technology

Mar 24, 2014

Alaa Hamdan of the Akron Area Campus knew that he was interested in anything dealing with computers - servers, software, and hardware.  He was curious about how they worked.  After spending a few semesters at another local university in an accounting program, he knew that he wanted to find an information systems engineering program instead to follow his passion.  The wife of one of his friends worked at the campus and encouraged him to visit.  He did and the decision changed his life.  

Alaa said that all of his classes were helpful.  Comparing the education that he received at National to his previous university, he said, “National had a lot of hands-on experience.”  Additionally, he said that he received a lot of individual attention; something that was also not found at his other institution. 

While a student, Alaa completed an internship at Simplex IT in Akron, Ohio.  The company employs certified network engineers and technicians that evaluate the IT needs of organizations.  He also became CompTIA A+ certified.  He then worked for two hospitals and found out about a full-time opportunity at Simplex IT.  He now enjoys being employed there because of the whole working environment; adding that his co-workers are so helpful.  Alaa said, “Every day is different.  There is always something to learn.”

Regarding advice that he would give to other students, he said, “You can read all of the books you can but you have to start working in the field and getting experience.”

Alaa is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in network information technology.  Ten years into the future, Alaa plans to still be employed by Simplex IT; hopefully in networking.  He said, “National gave me a good start to my education.  I liked it.”

Alaa Hamdan is a CompTIA A+ certified network engineer who is employed by Simplex IT in Akron, Ohio.

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