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Company Supports Students through Externships and Employment

Jan 06, 2014

American National University students work hard to prepare themselves to become contributing members of their community’s workforce,  but their ultimate goal of employment would not be possible without the strong support of employers like Dr. Nawar Soda of Berea Urgent Care, who was recently named a Distinguished Community Employer by the Richmond Campus.

Dr. Soda currently employs four American National University graduates at Berea Urgent Care, and he has also accepted many students as externs in his practices, where students gain real-world experience working in a medical office.

David Lawniczak, a 2011 graduate of the Richmond Campus, is working as a registered medical assistant at Berea Urgent Care.  Before coming to National, David bounced from job to job, working in part-time and temporary positions in area factories, until he decided that he needed to return to school to help him find more stable and fulfilling employment.   

After researching several area colleges, he chose to enroll at National to train for a career in the medical field.   “It was small and that was what I needed after a long period of being out,” said David.  “All of my medical classes, I loved them.  It just seemed like it came pretty natural.”

In his job, David enjoys the variety of patients and medical conditions that he treats at the busy urgent care center. “We see everything from injuries, to the flu, to everyday standard sickness,” said David.  He added that his day includes working at the front desk, triaging patients, running labs, and other duties.

Dr. Soda feels that the American National University graduates that he has hired are well prepared for their work in his practice. “The American National University graduate is very reliable, and very appreciative of their job,” he said, adding that he would recommend National to anyone looking for training for a career in the medical field.

“I can say that I’m lucky and I like coming to work,” David said of his job. He plans to continue his education to become a registered nurse, and he feels his education at National has opened the door to a career that he loves.  “It changed my life because it actually gave me a career opportunity to be something that I want to be,” he said.

(A)-A graduate of the Richmond Campus, David Lawniczak is one of several American National University medical assisting graduates who help provide care for Dr. Nawar Soda's patients at Berea Urgent Care.

(B)- Dr. Nawar Soda and several members of the Berea Urgent Care staff gathered for a photo following the Distinguished Community Award presentation.  Pictured left to right are:  Kim Smith, graduate David Lawniczak, Dr. Nawar Soda, graduate Ally Cowan and Eulah Madden. 


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