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Company Recognized for Supporting Pharmacy Technician Students

Oct 20, 2014

The Lynchburg Campus presented the Central Virginia Training Center (CVTC) with  the Distinguished Community Employer award on Friday, October 3rd, for their exceptional support to the pharmacy technician students.

They provide a professional training environment for ANU’s externship students, and have employed numerous graduates over the years.  Student Contessa Sancho just completed her externship at CVTC.   “Everyone made me feel right at home, like I was part of the team from day one”, said Contessa.  They are currently in the process of adding a pharmacy tech position to their location and expressed interest in hiring American National University graduates. 

Established in 1910, the CVTC is located in Amherst, Virginia.  As their website states, “Today, the Central Virginia Training Center (CVTC) is the still the largest of the five Commonwealth facilities serving individuals with mental retardation.  CVTC clients are received primarily from eleven community service boards located in central, southwest and northwest Virginia, and the facility currently provides a home for approximately 380 clients in its intermediate , skilled nursing and acute care centers.“  They take great pride in their mission statement: “Central Virginia Training Center is committed to providing effective, compassionate and individually responsive services to persons with intellectual disabilities, both in residence and in the community.  Guided by individual choice and in collaborative partnership with families, community and departmental resources, CVTC will protect and enhance the quality of life for the individuals we support to help them realize their highest attainable levels of physical health and individual achievement. Our person-centered services are offered with a deep respect for both our workforce and those we serve and are focused on empowering safe, healthy and enriched lives for the individuals in our care.”

John Neiderer, a registered pharmacist at CVTC agrees that ANU students who extern or are employed by their facility are knowledgeable, well prepared and ready for the positions they work in.  Because of their level of preparation, they would readily recommend ANU to any students who want to become better prepared for the workforce. 

Pictured (l) to (r): Leisa Walker, Susan Bennett, and Dee Carwile with the Central Virginia Training Center in Amherst, VA, Sue Coleman, director of healthhealth care education at the Lynchburg Campus, Contessa Sancho, pharmacy tech student, and, Tanalea Kanode, Teresa Graham, John Neiderer and Elisa Burton with CVTC.

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