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Class Project Sheds Light on Veterans’ Struggles

Feb 09, 2015

Francis Rillo, a student in the medical assisting program at the Florence Campus, chose to do a project on “The Struggles of American Soldiers” for her ethics class. She focused her research on soldiers and their struggles with PTSD, suicide, and traumatic brain injury. During her presentation, Francis described the ordeals they face in a combat role, as well as their struggles when they come home and have to resume their civilian lives.

Francis also took the opportunity to interview veteran Jason Stewart, student services representative and director of veterans affairs for the Florence Campus, as part of her class project. Jason was able to give Francis a better understanding of how PTSD affects soldiers in their everyday lives and how it never truly goes away. 

During the in-class presentation, Jason and Francis provided statistics on PTSD, homelessness, suicide, and divorce to demonstrate the sacrifices members of our military make to protect our security and democratic way of life. These powerful statistics had a profound impact on the students, and many commented that they have a new appreciation for the dedication, commitment, and sacrifice of our military service men and women.

Medical assisting student Francis Rillo (right) interviewed veteran Jason Stewart for her class project on “The Struggles of American Soldiers.”