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Career Center Director offers Résumé Writing Tips and Job Search Techniques

Sep 15, 2014

Samantha Palmer, career center director at the Florence Campus, recently visited instructor Cheryl Heer’s English Composition class to offer tips on résumé writing and job search techniques.

“The most important tip I have when it comes to résumés is that you should create one right away, and have as many people look at it as possible,” Samantha said. “If you have ever had a job, or if you have ever gone to school after high school, then you should have a résumé.  Don’t wait until you need one.  And make sure you add your volunteer work to your résumé!”

Samantha encouraged the students to take advantage of the many services that the American National University Career Center offers to assist them with their job search. “My goal is to help you find your dream job, but I need your help,” Samantha told them. “Please come to me and tell me what you need help with--résumés, interviewing skills, or job searching. Help me know what you are struggling with regarding finding a job, and that way I can work on a plan to help you overcome and thrive.”

Vasva Karahusic, a business administration-management student, said that she found Samantha’s presentation to be very helpful. “This presentation was very useful to me, since it gave me information that I can use in my future when I apply for a job,” Vasva said. “I learned how to write a résumé, what to wear to the interview, and what questions I can expect to be asked.”

Business administration-management student Vasva Karahusic (left) said that she learned some valuable job search techniques during the presentation by career center director Samantha Palmer (right).