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Career Center Director Offers Résumé Writing Tips

Feb 24, 2015

Career center director Felicia Luttrell recently spoke to students at the Danville, Kentucky Campus about résumé writing. During her presentation, she encouraged the students to keep a record of their education, work history, and job descriptions so that they will have the information at hand whenever they need to update their résumé to submit to a potential employer.

“A résumé is a marketing tool that explains your skills and experiences to prospective employers,” stated Felicia. “Its purpose is to get you a job interview. The job interview gets you the job, but the résumé gets you the job interview.”

Felicia told the students that an employer will decide if their résumé goes into the file as accepted or rejected in less than ten seconds. “So, a lot of that has to do with its layout,” she explained. “Is it neat? Is it organized? You want to make sure yours gets in that pile to be considered.”

Felicia advised the students to seek out several people to proofread their résumés before submitting them to employers. She also urged them to work closely with her throughout their program. “It’s never too early to start your job search,” she said.

Career center director Felicia Luttrell is shown presenting résumé writing tips to students at the Danville, Kentucky Campus.

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