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Career Center Director Addresses Résumé Preparation and Interviewing Skills

Mar 24, 2014

As the career center director at the Florence Campus, Jeff Elmlinger has been very active in his new position by visiting classes to discuss his new role, and how he can assist students with résumé preparation and interviewing techniques.  Using the experience that he gained many years ago as a customer service trainer with Columbia House Music and Video Clubs, Jeff has been able to refine his presentation skills by working with faculty members and students to share his knowledge of the job search process.

For students who are nervous about participating in a professional interview, Jeff reminds them that preparation is the key for a good presentation and a good interview.  Jeff said, “You become more confident and relaxed with each presentation and interview.”

After hearing Jeff’s discussion on résumé preparation in her English composition class, student Felicia Davis said, “I learned the importance of including power keywords on your résumé and researching the company prior to your interview.”

Jeff Elmlinger, the new career center director at the Florence Campus, spoke to students about preparing their résumé and tips for interviewing.