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Canine Officer and Canine Partner visits Pharmacology Class

Sep 03, 2013

Recently, Joan Blankenship invited canine officer Jeremy Purvis and his canine partner Havoc to visit her pharmacology class at the Martinsville Campus.  Officer Purvis discussed the importance of using dogs in the war on drugs.  

Officer Purvis explained that the training period for drug dogs is from eight to ten weeks after reaching age three, depending on the dog.   Both the canine officer and the dog participate in the training that includes the use of toys and the scents of different controlled substances.  Officer Purvis said that a successfully trained dog associates sniffing out drugs with a game of finding toys, so that the challenge of discovering the drugs becomes similar to a skilled sport for the dogs.   He said that after the training is over, the officer and the dog must become certified in order for the dog to be used in drug work. 

The students enjoyed the visit, although some were wary of Havoc’s presence in the classroom.  Some students asked questions regarding how the officer cares for the dog while he is off-duty, and asked how caring for a police dog differs from owning a family dog.   At the conclusion of Officer Purvis’ presentation, Joan thanked the officer for providing information to the class on one law enforcement method related to the control of illegal drugs and substances in the community. 

Canine officer Jeremy Purvis and his canine partner Havoc spoke to the pharmacology class at the Martinsville Campus.

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