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Campus Volunteers Help Repurpose Medical Supplies

Mar 30, 2012

Cleveland Area Campus students, staff, and faculty attended a Humanitarian Aid event on March 21st at Med Wish International - a nonprofit organization committed to repurposing medical supplies and equipment discarded by the healthcare industry for developing countries. A total of 19 student volunteers were present and assisted in packaging medical supplies.

During this exercise, the participating students were able to touch, learn, and identify various medical instruments. “This event was very fulfilling and at the same time very informative,” said medical assisting student Erial Joiner. Med Wish volunteer coordinator, Angie Germano was very appreciative of the work done by the American National University volunteers, “The group was really wonderful and a pleasure to work with…They actually helped us find some specific bandages that are going to help an orphanage in China so it was definitely a great project.”

MedWish works with a range of partners to recover medical surplus hospitals can no longer use. To date, MedWish has recovered over 2.2 million pounds of medical surplus from over 50 hospitals in the US alone. In 2010, MedWish saved 886,000 pounds of medical supplies from disposal, keeping this valuable lifesaving surplus out of our landfills and putting it in the hands of people in need across the globe.

Cleveland students, staff, and faculty are pictured at MedWish International packaging medical supplies.