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Campus Recognizes Students of the Month

Campus Recognizes Students of the Month

Sep 08, 2014

The Bartlett Campus recently recognized their three Students of the Month for August.  The first is Tracy McKinzie. He was nominated by a staff member who said, "He is an amazing computer student.  He knows so much about computers.  Recently, he was in a horrible car wreck and was hospitalized for a week and all he thought about during this time was coming back to school and making sure his attendance was okay and that he wasn’t going to be too far behind.  I think this shows great determination on his part.  He is currently going through therapy and he continues to have a smile on his face."  Tracy is pursuing a degree in information systems engineering (ISE).  

Todd Rivers was nominated by Instructor Homer Elam.  Todd is a student in his Organizational Management and Leadership class on Monday evenings.  "His dedication to the learning is very impressive,” said Homer.  “He is engaged in every conversation and I can tell by his mannerism that he there to learn.  Just the past Monday night he had to go to Michigan for some family issues and then drove all night to get back in time for class.  I say this to show his level of dedication.  He goes above and beyond to complete all assigned work and is very thorough in his research.  He presents his assignments in a very professional manner.  I am very impressed with this young man's performance in my class.  I can see him as a rising star someday."  Todd is set to complete his supervisory management specialist diploma this term. 

Letisha Carter was nominated by Colonious Davis, the health information management director.  “Ms. Carter is a graduating HIT student this term,” said Colonious.  “She has become a much improved student and is very serious about her studies.  She is getting excellent reviews at her extern site.  I am very excited about Ms. Carter.”

Tracy McKinzie, Todd Rivers, and Letisha Carter were named students of the month at the Bartlett Campus. 

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