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Campus Hosts Kentucky State Society of American Medical Technologists Fall Conference

Sep 29, 2014

On Saturday, September 20th, medical professionals from throughout Kentucky gathered at the Louisville Campus for the Kentucky State Society of American Medical Technologists Fall Conference.  AMT is an internationally recognized certification agency and membership association for allied health professionals.  The organization provides nine medical professional certifications, including the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) credential.  The RMA certification exam is given to American National University students as the final step in their medical assisting program.

Everett Bloodworth, president of the board of directors for AMT, who works as the laboratory director for Marshall County Hospital in Kentucky, participated in the conference.  He feels that the opportunity for continuing education that the conference provided is vital to the association’s members.  “It’s important to keep current with the newest and latest breakthroughs in technology,” Mr. Bloodworth explained.

During the conference, several staff members from the Louisville Campus led sessions.  Director of health care education Bonnie Kiefer conducted a session on vital signs, and instructor Paul Schum discussed the anatomy of the heart and EKG’s.  Other sessions covered new regulations in Medicare/Medicaid and in laboratory quality control.  Interactive sessions were also held as attendees solved a murder mystery during a team building exercise and later participated in a CPR relay.

Christina Sapp, a medical assisting student from the Louisville Campus, also participated in the conference, where she had an opportunity to network with health care professionals and learn more about the medical field.  She said that the event fueled her excitement for her upcoming career as a medical assistant. “There’s a lot to learn and I like that.  I like to be challenged,” Christina said.

A-Instructor Paul Schum is shown discussing the anatomy of the heart at the AMT Fall Conference.

B-Medical assisting student Christina Sapp is shown participating in a CPR relay at the AMT Fall Conference.

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