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Campus Has Unique Method for Recognizing Excellence

Jul 28, 2014

The Dayton Area Campus’s “A TEAM” program, developed and coordinated by director of health care education Derrick Parks, acknowledges students who meet the 5 A’s.

An “A TEAM” student has good Attendance; maintains a good Academic record; has a professional and polite Attitude; follows the American National University dress code and has a good Appearance; and remains Accountable for all assigned work and other obligations.

Student Debora Sine believes following the 5 A’s will prepare her as a professional in the workplace. “It’s important to do your best, and it’s nice to be recognized for hard work,” she says.  Student Walter Smith adds that he uses these qualities every day, and employers expect it every day, as well. Student Cathleen Frazier says, “Being recognized for dedication and hard work makes me want to continue to strive to do my very best.”
To be considered for the “A TEAM,” students are nominated by administrators, instructors, and staff during the previous two terms. Since the program’s inception two years ago, more than 30 students have been selected for the “A TEAM.”

All finalists have their framed picture displayed on the wall of the main hallway and receive a certificate and gift.

Pictured are “A TEAM” students (l) to (r) Debora Sine, Walter Smith, and Cathleen Frazier, and director of health care education Derrick Parks, who developed and coordinates the program. 

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