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CNA Trains in Medical Assisting Program to Advance in Her Career

Mar 31, 2015

After working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) for over eight years, Marie McWherter  enrolled in the medical assisting program at the Nashville Campus to become more knowledgeable about the medical field and increase her income potential.

Marie loves working in health care because it gives her the opportunity to help others. “[I like] seeing their smiling faces, whether it be geriatrics or pediatrics,” she explained.

She’s enjoying the hands-on experience that she’s getting in her classes at National College, and she’s particularly looking forward to taking the invasive clinical procedures class, where she’ll learn to give injections and draw blood.  

Marie feels that there will be many opportunities to advance in her career once she earns her degree and becomes certified as a registered medical assistant. “There are many jobs you can get through [a medical assisting degree], whether phlebotomy, or administrative work, or clinical work,” Marie said.

After working as a CNA for eight years, Marie McWherter is earning a degree in the medical assisting program at the Nashville Campus to help her advance in her medical career.

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