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Business Student Recognized for Entrepreneurial Spirit and Community Contributions

Dec 16, 2014

To state that André Wilson is driven and committed to his career goals would be an understatement. He owns two of his own businesses and is also enrolled in the business administration– management program at the Lexington Campus. “Although I’m very busy with my businesses, I also realized I needed my degree to take me to an entirely new level,” stated André. 

Throughout his business career, André has endeavored to hire as many underprivileged individuals as possible – and has found the vast majority of them have been outstanding workers. “I’m helping folks establish or re-establish a work history,” he explained. “Many of them have no prior jobs – no résumé at all. It’s all about choices and changes for them.”

The old saying, ‘No good deed goes unseen’ is certainly true in André’s case. He recently received the ‘Employer of the Year’ award from the Kentucky Farmworkers Program for his outstanding efforts in employing those who have employment barriers. The Kentucky Farmworkers Program is an employment and training program under the auspices of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and the U.S. Department of Labor whose goal is to provide opportunities for individuals who otherwise may not find jobs. 

André was honored to receive the award. “I’ve spent the last 18 years employing folks who frequently would be termed ‘unemployable’ by most employers,” he stated. “Many of us have past issues with lack of education, lack of employable skills, and perhaps even criminal records, but everyone deserves a second chance to start a new life.”

Business administration – management student André Wilson received the Employer of the Year award from the Kentucky Farmworkers Program.

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