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Business Professional Developed Leadership Skills at National

Mar 24, 2014

When Nyata Spence enters her office at Overhead Door of Louisville each morning, she often pauses to reflect with pride on the professional woman that she’s become and the journey that brought her to this point in her life.  “I didn’t think 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago that this is where I’d be,” she recalled.  “By the grace of God, I’m here.”

Nyata was searching for direction in her career when she first came to the Louisville Campus.  “I have big dreams,” she said. “I was always determined not to be that statistic. I didn’t want to go backwards.  I always want to keep being better than I was last year."

While touring the campus again during her student orientation, she realized that she’d found a second home. “I really wanted to go to school, but I didn’t want to go somewhere where I’d just get lost,” Nyata said. “It felt comforting knowing it’s a small group of people going and doing the same thing that I’m trying to do.”

Nyata immersed herself in her studies and became a familiar face to everyone at the campus, serving as a federal work study and as president of the student activities committee.  She also represented National on a local TV show, and had a letter to the editor published in the Courier-Journal which she wrote in support of career college education.

She feels that these experiences enriched her life and helped her prepare for her career as she developed professional communication skills, and learned valuable lessons while organizing events at the campus. “Everything is not going to be peaches and roses,” Nyata said.  “You’re going to have that glitch,” she said. “That got me prepared for when things don’t work out here.  I always have a plan ‘B’ now.”

Louisville campus director Vincent Tinebra said that he enjoyed taking Nyata under his wing and mentoring her during her time at National.  “She always showed a genuine interest in learning and improving at whatever she was doing in her many roles on campus,” said Vincent.  “Now that she has graduated and started her career, I am always looking for a new Nyata at campus who I can work with and mentor.”

Thanks to her dedication to her studies and to her fellow students, Nyata was the recipient of the 2013 Leadership Award which she accepted during the campus’s commencement ceremony. “That’s my inspiration,” she said. “I think the day that I walked across that stage was the proudest moment of my life.”

After graduating with her associate’s degree in business administration-management, she was hired by Overhead Door of Louisville where she’s a vital member of their team, working as a dispatcher and customer service representative.  She often is the first person that customers come into contact with at the company, and she always goes the extra mile in providing excellent service to them.

Greg Conn, general manager of the residential division of Overhead Door of Louisville, said that Nyata’s degree was a big factor in their decision to hire her.  “Just getting out of college made a difference,” he said, adding that she has a knack for customer service and a good knowledge of business in general.  “She’s very energetic and handles herself well.”

Nyata continues to be a leader in her community, building her own marketing and public relations business, and serving as a mentor in the Y-Now Children of Prisoners Program.  “I’m a professional business woman trying to open up my own business.  It’s evolving, and I’m showing these kids how to evolve, “she said.  “I hope that I can be an inspiration for somebody.  I just feel blessed.”

A-Nyata Spence, a recipient of the Louisville Campus Leadership Award, is working as a dispatcher and customer service representative at Overhead Door of Louisville.

B-Nyata Spence, a graduate of the business administration-management program, is pictured with her supervisor Greg Conn, general manager of the residential division of Overhead Door of Louisville.


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