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Army Veteran Chooses National College to Enhance Her Work Experience

Oct 07, 2014

Laura Gerrity, a student at the Nashville Campus, took an early retirement from the Army.  She served for just more than six years as a stenographer.  She had been working for the government and happened to live right around the corner from the campus.  She knew that she wanted to work with people and did not want to be confined to working in a cubicle so she found out about the medical assisting associate’s degree and decided to pursue it.  She was also able to use her veteran benefits.  She said that this, coupled with the “friendly people” at the campus, is the reason she chose National College. 

Laura chose the medical field because she had been a caregiver to her sister who passed away from cancer several years ago.  “Hospice was just wonderful,” said Laura, adding that she chose this career path to be able to help families.   Right now though, she is enjoying her medical assisting classes; particularly her Non-invasive Procedures class where she gets to perform lab works such as blood pressure, weight, and height checks, as well as throat cultures and EKG’s.  She said that she is looking forward to next term when she is able to take the Invasive Procedures class. 

Some words of wisdom that she has for current or future National students include:  “Keep up with your homework,” said Laura.  “Don’t get behind because once you do, it’s very hard to catch-up.  If you need help, ask because there is plenty of help out there…everyone is always willing to help…there [are] lots of tutors.”

Student and Army veteran Laura Gerrity is currently a medical assisting student at the Nashville Campus.  She may pursue a career in hospice.

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