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Angela Andrepont – Instructor – Danville, VA

Mar 04, 2014

Angela Andrepont—Difference Maker at the Danville, Virginia Campus

Instructor of business, accounting, computer, administrative professional, and college preparatory courses

• ANU instructor since 2009
• Has gained 18 years of experience in the business sector (working for large international corporations, small locally-owned businesses, and non-profit organizations) and 11 years of experience in education (educating both children and adults)

• Obtained Associate of Applied Science degree in business management from Danville Community College, Bachelor and Master of Business Administration degrees from Averett University, and Master of Science degree in education leadership from Radford University
• Middle school teacher of business and information technology for Pittsylvania County Schools

“I have a passion for teaching, learning, and helping others. American National University has afforded me the opportunity to share my knowledge and skills with others to help them become competitive and successful in the 21st century.

“I admire my students’ dedication for continuing their education. I always say, ‘Education is an investment that no one can take away from you.’ I encourage them to rise to the challenge, no matter what it may be, and to tread the depth of the unknown, even though it may be uncomfortable or scary for them. I continuously remind my students that they can be successful and achieve whatever they want out of life if they are willing to work hard, believe in themselves, and invest in their future.”

Danville Campus Director Carlene Jefferson-Wilson says: “Angela delivers outstanding energy in making sure the knowledge transfer of the information is obtained by the students in all classes that she is responsible for teaching. She has said that her success is based on her students’ success, and that is a positive and professional attitude that is worthy of noting as a Difference Maker.”

Angela Andrepont, Difference Maker at the Danville, Virginia Campus with student Barry Wood.

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