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Advisory Board Offers Insight and Suggestions

Sep 02, 2014

The Louisville Campus recently held advisory board meetings for the health information management (HIM) and medical assisting programs. Advisory boards meet periodically at each campus and are comprised of professionals from the field, members of the community, students, staff, and faculty, who offer their suggestions for enhancing the programs at American National University.

HIM program director Linda Burcham and campus director Vincent Tinebra led the HIM advisory board meeting, and Bonnie Kiefer, director of health care education, presided over the advisory board meeting for the medical assisting program.  Both boards discussed accreditation and the benchmarks that the programs are required to meet.  They also discussed student retention, certification, and employment success rates.

Linda Kamer, who participated in the HIM advisory board meeting, works as a senior consultant for CGI, a company that provides systems integration and IT outsourcing services to area healthcare companies. “I think the program needs the expertise from this group, and it will certainly get better with the input of people from the field,” said Linda. “I used to be director of HIM for Jewish Hospital for seventeen years, and I’ve worked as a consultant for the last eight years. I work with hospitals all the time in my job, and I see a need for credentialed people.”

State Representative Dennis Horlander, who represents the Louisville Campus in House District 40, offered his insight into the workforce needs of the community during the medical assisting advisory board meeting. “I am always inspired by the hard work and dedication of the medical students, and I appreciated the opportunity to participate in the board meeting to help the program continue to grow,” said Representative Horlander. “I look forward to continuing to hear from the students and faculty members during the legislative session, because it is so important for them to speak to their representatives in Frankfort about legislative issues important to them."

A-State Representative Dennis Horlander (4th from left) is shown with members of the medical assisting advisory board at the Louisville Campus.

B-Linda Burcham, health information management director (pictured), speaks to the HIM advisory board members at the Louisville Campus regarding graduate satisfaction.

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