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A Passion for Capturing Video Leads to Graduate’s Studio Ownership

Feb 24, 2014

Derek Bradshaw had a life-long passion for videos when he came to the Lexington Campus.  He started out in the business management program but quickly switched to radio and television broadcasting.  “I wanted complete training in my craft, said Derek.  “I had to perfect my skills in all areas and I accomplished this with the help of American National University.  I can pursue the management end of my business now that I’m able to turn out a truly professional product. Since graduating last April, I’ve seen my work evolve into what I knew I could produce – and I have everyone at American National University to thank.”

Derek’s choice to seek training in his career has made a tremendous difference in his business – and in Derek, himself.  His confidence and enthusiasm levels are truly contagious.  “I wanted to be my own boss,” explained Derek.  “I wanted to do something that I could be proud of.  I absolutely love my career.  My main focus centers on music and rap videos – but I will shoot anything a client asks for.  I get to meet lots of different people and provide a valuable service to them.  I followed my passion and look what happened!”

Derek had been looking for studio space for many months – and found his ideal location in December.  “Now… I have all the tools I need,” said Derek with a huge smile.  I have the professional training I need.  I am on my way.”

A-Graduate Derek Bradshaw followed his passion at the Lexington Campus and now owns a video production studio.

B-Lexington Campus director, Kim Thomasson with radio and television broadcasting graduate, Derek Bradshaw.

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