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A Life-Long Dream Come True, With More to Come

Mar 31, 2015

Combining a life-long interest in the medical field with inspiration provided by her sister, who is a registered nurse, Elizabeth Jones has successfully completed her program at the Lexington Campus and will graduate in May with her associate’s degree in medical assisting. She is now looking to further her education so she can add to her training and skill set. “Everyone here at National has been terrific!” she exclaimed. “I have developed a support system here – folks who are always there to help and guide me.”

Elizabeth can thank her family for providing the inspiration, as well as the opportunity, to pursue a career in health care. “My niece was enrolled in National’s medical assisting program and always spoke very highly of her instructors and her training,” explained Elizabeth of how she first heard about American National University. “She brought me to a ‘Bring-a-Friend-to-School’ event at the campus; I attended a class with her – and the rest is history! Coming to that event was a life-changing decision – one I’m glad I made!” 

While Elizabeth is looking at her options for employment in the medical field following graduation, she is also considering immediately enrolling next term to continue her education. “I took care of my ailing mother as she battled cancer; my goal is to work in oncology – and the more I learn, the better I can serve them,” she shared. “I truly feel oncology is my ‘calling’ – I want to continue my education so I can provide the very best for my patients; I simply need to do this to help everyone who needs such extensive care and compassion.”

Medical assisting student Elizabeth Jones hopes to use her knowledge and training to help oncology patients.

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