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“Always be Prepared” Rings True with Unique Class Assignment

Mar 10, 2015

Instructor Chris Fardulis’s Thinking Critically class at the South Bend Campus recently participated in a unique class exercise designed to test their critical thinking skills and job interview preparedness. Local jeweler Ms. Tammy Petsch was invited as a guest speaker to conduct mock interviews with the students from the perspective of a real life professional situation. 

Prior to the day of interviews, the class was presented with basic jewelry information and assigned to research the jewelry industry and come prepared to sell a diamond ring during their interview. Students prepared for the interviews by studying the various stone cuts, sizes, and settings, and several students met with career services to review the fundamentals of a professional interview. As part of the assignment, students were also required to provide a completed application with a current résumé prior to their interview. 

“I found the responses to my question, ‘What motivates you and what frustrates you?’ to be most reflective of their lifestyle and their long-term goals,” said Ms. Petsch of the students’ responses. “I could easily tell which students had done their homework and came prepared to sell themselves and to sell the ring.”

The assignment proved to be a most effective exercise in critical thinking and applying knowledge in an organized manner to a situation that students will undoubtedly encounter outside the classroom – a job interview.   

Guest speaker Ms. Tammy Petsch (left) interviews student Cheri Richmond (right) as part of an assignment at the South Bend Campus.

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