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2014 Kentucky Association of Career Colleges and Schools Symposium

Mar 17, 2014

National College staff members recently participated in a symposium that was held in Lexington, Kentucky by the Kentucky Association of Career Colleges and Schools (KACCS).  They enjoyed a variety of speakers and round table discussion groups in which career college professionals from across the state shared their best practices for maximizing student success.

A-Roger Dalton (r), National College vice president of government affairs, is pictured with Michael Dakduk (l), Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities vice president of military and veterans affairs, following Mr. Dakduk's briefing on veteran programs and policies which he presented during a symposium breakout session. 

B-Kentucky Campus Directors (l to r) Vincent Tinebra, Keeley Gadd, Kim Thomasson and Lee Bowling are pictured during the KACCS symposium.  Vincent and Keeley currently serve on the KACCS Board of Directors.

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