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Richmond Campus Holds Workshop on Goal Setting and Time Management

Dec 16, 2014

The Richmond Campus recently held a Goal Setting and Time Management workshop, featuring guest speaker Carla Walter, a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and founder and managing partner of Leading Edge Focus. The workshop was attended by American National University students and graduates and by members of the Richmond community.

During the workshop, Carla shared practices highly productive people use to take control of their time and life to get things done in less time and achieve their goals faster.  

“Setting clear goals helps you determine how to invest your time; your time is your life,” explained Ms. Walter. “How you spend your time will determine whether (and how quickly) you will actually achieve your career and life goals, or just continue to dream about achieving them.  If you want to be an achiever and not just a dreamer, you must set clear goals and take control of how you invest your time.”

Certified Professional Coach Carla Walter presented a workshop on Goal Setting and Time Management at the Richmond Campus.

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