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Recent High School Graduate Flourishes in His Cybersecurity Program

Dec 16, 2014

After graduating from high school in 2013 and completing his program with the Victory Project, a faith-based mentoring program for young men, Tyler Page enrolled in the cybersecurity program at the Dayton Area Campus. “I was looking at a lot of different colleges, and this one stuck out to me,” recalled Tyler. “It had something that would help me—a smaller environment, instead of a lot of distractions like in the bigger schools.”

Monnie Bush, founder and CEO of the Victory Project, accompanied Tyler during his first visit to the campus, and he’s seen him flourish as a American National University student. “He has nothing but positive things to say about his instructors,” Mr. Bush said of Tyler’s experience. “He talks about them, not as somebody looking down on him, but almost as a partner in his education.” 

Tyler is so dedicated to his program that he often makes the eighteen mile round trip journey to class by bike. “It’s a great place to be,” Tyler said of the Dayton Area Campus. “I just love it here.”

“He told me the other day he couldn’t believe [that he’s] halfway through [his program],” said Mr. Bush. “I think that’s something else that’s a benefit—it’s not going to be a long time to see his accomplishments; he’s seeing his accomplishments come to fruition before his eyes.”

Tyler Page, a cybersecurity student at the Dayton Area Campus, often makes the eighteen mile round trip journey to class by bike.  

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