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Personalized Attention from Instructors Gives Graduate Confidence to Enter Corporate World

Jan 05, 2015

U.S. Army veteran John McKanney enrolled at the Louisville Campus using his Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits because he knew that he needed a college degree to help him transition into a civilian career, but he was nervous about returning to school. With the support of his instructors, John earned his associate’s degree in business administration-management, and he has launched his business career working at Humana as a Medicare enrollment specialist.

“It started rocky, but when I really got into school, I had the greatest teachers of them all; the teachers that I was surrounded with were the best,” explained John, who named business department chairman Theosious Fuqua and business instructor Luis Alicea-Batlle as two of his most influential instructors.  

Throughout his program, Theosious was always available to meet with John whenever he needed help, and Luis inspired his impeccable professional dress, explaining that they compete each day to see who can dress the best, right down to their color-coordinating socks.

John said everything that he’s learned in his business classes helped him land his job with Humana. He is continuing his education to earn his bachelor’s degree at the Louisville Campus, and he looks forward to working with his instructors to gain even more in-depth knowledge of the business world.

A– John McKanney, a veteran who is a student in the business administration-management program at the Louisville Campus, is working as an enrollment specialist at Humana.

B- McKanney and business instructor Luis Alicea-Batlle compare their fashionable socks.

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