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Opportunities Abound for Business Administration-Management Student

Mar 10, 2015

Nashville Campus student Shakirra Brown was recently offered a position in the management program at Chili’s Restaurant after serving the vice president of the company at the Chili’s location where she works as a team shift leader. “He was basically asking me, ‘Why aren’t you in management?’ because he saw all my scores and all my numbers; I was reaching them or hitting above the goals,” she recalled. “He [said], ‘as soon as you are done with school, we’ll get you on that track.’”

Shakirra feels that many of the principles that she’s learning in her business administration-management program at National College can be used on the job at Chili’s and in her work in direct sales as a Mary Kay Cosmetics representative. “My leadership management class has helped me with being able to talk to people,” she explained. “[Our instructor], Glenn Hunter, gives us insight of things from his previous career that helps us in everyday life; it’s very relatable.”

She feels her program at National has been so beneficial that she’s referred five of her friends and family members to the school. In fact, Shakirra is so excited about her great experience at National College that she’s even considered applying for a job in the admissions department at the Nashville Campus. “I believe that once you receive more education you’ll receive more opportunities, and National College is the vehicle that I’m taking to get me to the point where I’m going to go to make more money,” she said “I just enjoy National College’s atmosphere, the teachers, the program; I’d recommend it to anybody.”

Business administration-management student Shakirra Brown has referred five friends and family members to National College because of the great experience that she’s had at the school.

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