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Graduate's Film Advances in the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival

Mar 18, 2015

Congratulations to Louisville Campus graduate Rodney Cox, whose short film “Open Up PTSD” will advance to the national level of the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival, sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs, after previously taking top honors at the state level. 

A veteran of the U.S. Marines and Army Reserve who was sent to Kuwait just a few months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Rodney wrote, directed, and also has a small part in the film. “I knew soldiers who experienced it,” Rodney said of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). “It’s a real touchy subject. A lot of veterans don’t open up, so that’s the name of the short film—‘Open Up,’” explained Rodney. “It’s trying to get grown men to actually open up and talk to somebody, because they leave those emotions bottled up and they just explode or hurt themselves or hurt other people. I’m just trying to prevent that.”

In addition to his work on “Open Up PTSD,” Rodney’s passion for filmmaking has also led him to produce, direct, and star in the comedy “Calling Tyrone,” a web series that was selected for the Los Angeles Web Festival. He also worked on a futuristic film called “Hindsight 20/20,” which includes a scene that was shot in the Louisville Campus auditorium.

Rodney plans to put his business administration-management degree to good use as he builds his production company, Rizm Vision Filmz. “Education is power; it’s helped me to open my mind to different avenues and ways to go about doing things,” he explained.  

He plans to produce more documentaries about veterans and hopes that “Open Up PTSD” will encourage veterans who need help to ask for it. “Hopefully I can save a life or two,” he stated.  

Watch and share “Open Up PTSD” here (warning: film contains some profanity, alcohol abuse, suicide, and other issues those with PTSD often struggle with):

Louisville Campus graduate Rodney Cox's film "Open Up PTSD" is advancing to the national level of the VA's National Veterans Creative Arts Festival.

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