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Career Dreams Become Reality through National College’s Broadcasting Training

Dec 09, 2014

The joys of achieving his career dreams are coming true for radio and television broadcasting student Cameron Butts – and in a big way. “I have always dreamed of having a career in radio and becoming a stand-up comic; I’ve never had any questions about my future career,” beamed Cameron. “My dreams are becoming a reality thanks to American National University. I’m only a year into my degree, but things are already coming together for me, and I see my future coming closer every day.” 

Cameron had started in a communications program elsewhere when he heard that American National University offered a two-year degree in radio and television broadcasting. He immediately made the switch, and has not looked back.

Now mid-way through his degree program at the Lexington Campus, Cameron’s booming laughter and huge smile reflect his career passions. He truly has difficulty containing his enthusiasm when discussing his training. “I love it here at National!” he exclaimed. “This is a hands-on program; it’s real-world training, and it definitely gives you the skills you need to succeed. Imagine this – having a dream and finding a college that makes that dream come true! How much better does it get?”

In addition to a career in radio, Cameron also dreams of launching a secondary career as a stand-up comic. Having already participated in local comedy shows, he is on the way to making it happen. “A lifetime career in radio combined with my comedy act? Yes, I’m a happy guy and American National University is bringing it all together for me!” laughed Cameron. 

Student Cameron Butts is living his dream as he pursues his passions for radio broadcasting and stand-up comedy.

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