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Bad News Turned to Great News for Medical Assisting Student

Jan 20, 2015

Lexington Campus student Amanda Reynolds had worked for several years as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) when her career took a sudden, unexpected turn. “My career was sailing along fine, and out of nowhere I am notified that our jobs are being out-sourced -- no warning, nothing; I was out of a job,” she explained. “After the initial shock, I realized there may be an opportunity to look at another career in the medical field.” 

Amanda, in addition to qualifying for unemployment benefits, was also able to meet with a representative from the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), where she qualified for college funds to find a new career. “I was so excited!” she exclaimed. “I enjoyed my CNA career but had always dreamed of moving into a medical office and working directly with patients, as well as in an administrative role. I knew a lot about the medical assisting career and decided - this is my chance!”

What began as a very bad situation has now turned into a huge benefit for Amanda, and she is happy to be set firmly back on the path to a successful career. “I’m doing this not only for myself but for my daughter,” she explained. “A more stable career, much better hours, and I can be a role model for her.”

Part of Amanda’s joy comes from finding the right college. “I looked very carefully, and American National University was the right decision,” she stated. “At first, I didn’t see how my class schedule and a job could work together, but everything has worked out perfectly. I love the short, ten-week terms. My classes are small, and my teachers know all of us – and they help us with everything. I am delighted with my program, and I will be in my new career in no time!” 

Student Amanda Reynolds found a silver lining to job loss by pursuing a medical assisting career through WIA funding.

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