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September 05, 2016

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“No More Looking For a Great Job—I Already Have It!”

“No More Looking For a Great Job—I Already Have It!”

Graduate Rachel Bouley has always had a passion for business, and that passion is evident when she discusses her work at the Tennessee Regulatory Authority where she was recently hired as an Administrative Assistant II.

“No more looking for a great job--I already have it!” Rachel stated enthusiastically. “I guess my favorite part of my job is that this could be my career. I love everything I do, and I enjoy the people I work with.”

Throughout her busy day, Rachel depends on the business and computer skills that she gained at the National College Madison Campus. “My daily duties are to prepare reports for my chief to look over. I do data entry on various websites; I work in Excel and Word; I make power points for my chief,” she explained. “National College has helped me so much with my new job. I feel like the teachers I had at National were there for me and wanted me to learn.”

Rachel came to National after attending a large public university. She was looking for a school closer to home when a coworker recommended National. “What appealed to me most about National was the programs they offered and the class size,” she recalled. “Attending other colleges that have bigger class sizes can make you nervous.

“National College has helped me so much with my new job.”

She feels that the skills that she developed in her business administration-management program will always be in demand.  “I chose my major because I wanted one day to be a well-known business woman, and I knew that I could not go wrong with business. There will always be a need for my major,” she explained.

Rachel’s goal is to move up the ladder at the Tennessee Regulatory Authority, but for now, she’s enjoying her new career and all that it offers. “I have a great job now that I am happy in…,” she shared. “My education has made my life so much better than it used to be.”

Photo A-Rachel Bouley is using the skills that she gained in  the business administration-management program at the National College Madison Campus.

Photo B-Rachel is shown with pipeline safety regulations enforcement procedures guides in her office at the Tennessee Regulatory Authority.

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Network Administration Degree Named as One of 20 Affordable Online Bachelor's Degrees

Network Administration Degree Named as One of 20 Affordable Online Bachelor's Degrees Explore National's Online Program

The American National University bachelor’s degree in network administration, available through ANU Online, was recently included in the ( list of “20 Affordable Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Networking.” is a college rankings site centering on unique and affordable academic programs. Rankings for the list were compiled with data from NCES, a bureau of the Dept. of Education (

"If you have been researching possible after college careers at all, it's likely you've come across the fact that there is a significant shortage of skilled workers in the USA and elsewhere for computer programming/software engineering roles. There are also career opportunities in the systems administration and security aspects of the computer networks used by many organizations for their computer systems," said the article's lead researcher, Raj Dash. “This ranking of online and hybrid bachelor’s degrees in computer networking provides a starting point for students researching technical schools for their college application list.”

American National University is a member of the Microsoft® IT Academy Program and, as such, delivers course content in accordance with the standards of the IT academy guidelines. The network administration program prepares students to design and administer networks using Microsoft® Windows Server 2012. It also prepares students to sit for the Microsoft®, Cisco®, and CompTIA certification exams.

The curriculum includes planning, designing, configuring and troubleshooting Microsoft® environments ranging from small, local networks to wide area integrated networks. Specific topics include virtualization and cloud computing technologies, unified communications and collaboration services, Linux and web server administration, and security and wireless networks architectures.

For more information about the network administration bachelor’s degree program available through ANU Online, visit or call 888-410-6109.

Pharmacy Technician Students Prepare for Externships

Pharmacy Technician Students Prepare for Externships

ANU is well-known for the hands-on experience that students gain in their classes.  As the Summer Term came to a close, students in the pharmacy technician program at the ANU Princeton Campus practiced asepsis and aseptic technique under the watchful eye of instructor Rebecca Thompson, CPhT, LPN, RMA.

“The lab gave the students the vital hands-on practice they need prior to going out on their externships.”

The students were required to be garbed in appropriate clothing while mixing under the laminar flow hood.  They mixed IV (intravenous) medications such as Potassium Chloride, Ampicillin, Vasotec, and Fentanyl. Calculations were performed prior to admixture and checked by Rebecca.

“This process is very important in the daily activities of a pharmacy technician in the field,” said Rebecca. “The lab gave the students the vital hands-on practice they need prior to going out on their externships.”

Photo-Pharmacy technician student Danielle Gill is pictured working under the laminar flow hood in the pharmacy lab at the ANU Princeton Campus.

“Guardians of Security”

“Guardians of Security”

Nine graduate degrees—six master’s degrees and three doctorates—were awarded during the University of Fairfax’s commencement ceremony that was held at the ANU School of Professional Development Campus in Manassas, Virginia on Sunday, August 21. Seven graduates of the University of Fairfax, a partner institution of American National University, donned their graduation regalia as Scott Mensch, Ph.D., academic dean; and Keith Nordman, administrative dean, presided over the ceremony.

Christopher Feudo, D.Sc., president emeritus of the University of Fairfax, spoke to the assembled graduates, emphasizing their new role as “Guardians of Security.”  Dr. Feudo reminded them of the importance of their new responsibilities as the tip of the spear in cybersecurity.

“This is not a typical graduation. You are not typical students,” he said.  “The University has provided you all the tools necessary, the knowledge to be successful, to be a part of the vanguard to protect this great nation of ours against any and all threats.”

“The University has provided you all the tools necessary…to be a part of the vanguard to protect this great nation of ours against any and all threats.”

The university’s three doctoral graduates each spoke to the small group of fellow graduates, family, friends, and colleagues.

Rhonda Farrell, DIA, thanked a long list of University of Fairfax faculty and staff.  “They say it takes a village to raise a child,” she noted, “and I would posit that it also takes a village to enable a student to achieve the esteemed honor of receiving a doctorate from the University of Fairfax.”

Claude Jenkins II, DIA, challenged his fellow graduates to be agents of change in their organizations.  He also noted how the challenging journey through his graduate education was helped by the University’s faculty and staff.  “My journey started with the University of Fairfax back in 2006; I deployed in that particular month, and was able to continue to pursue my studies,” he described.  “There are so many people within the University of Fairfax that I’d like to thank.”

Ronald O’Neal, D.Sc., described the challenges he encountered during his educational journey, and turned it into a life lesson for all.  “Life is going to happen,” he stated.  “The way you handle those times, the way you make those decisions, the way you go forward after that, is going to determine whether you elevate, or you dissipate.”

The seven graduates of this year’s class traveled from up and down the eastern United States, coming from Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and North Carolina. 

For more information about the graduate-level cybersecurity programs available through the University of Fairfax, visit or phone 888-980-9151.

Photo A-University of Fairfax Doctoral graduates-Class of 2016

Photo B-University of Fairfax Master's graduates-Class of 2016

User-Friendly ANU Library Continues to Grow

User-Friendly ANU Library Continues to Grow

The ANU Library website,, is now bigger and better than ever after receiving a number of enhancements designed to make it even more user-friendly.

The ebook collection continues to grow with the recent addition of almost 900 titles in business, information technology, and health sciences, available online to all students, faculty, and staff, regardless of location. Watch for select new books to be featured on the library’s blog,, and on help and research guides.

Students can now search for books right from the home page, and ANU librarians are just a click away with the “Chat” button prominently featured throughout the site.  A number of new tutorials have also been integrated throughout the website, embedded on guides and in the FAQ database.

“We are excited at the progress we have made so far and we are dedicated to continuing to enhance and improve the ANU Library.”

A new Math & Writing Center features math, writing, and research resources that will help students with their writing and research. Be sure to check out the Assignment Scheduler at which assists students with planning their research timeline.

“We are excited at the progress we have made so far and we are dedicated to continuing to enhance and improve the ANU Library,” said Eric Rector, ANU director of library services.

The National News is a biweekly publication designed to share the success and academic accomplishments of students and graduates from American National University and National College. For more information, contact the Communications Department.

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