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July 21, 2014

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State Representative Addresses Graduates

State Representative Addresses Graduates

On Thursday, May 1, the graduates of the Columbus Campus marched into the campus’s fifth commencement ceremony at Xenos Christian Fellowship.  Beginning with Theme of the Common Man and working into Pomp and Circumstance, the graduates walked their way up the purple trimmed aisles to their seats.

Campus Director Wesley Smith welcomed and introduced the commencement speaker, Clifford Rosenberger of the Ohio House of Representatives, 91st House District. “Graduation day is such an exciting day.  We could also work on getting a ‘selfie’ of all of us together,” he said, as he held up his cell phone to take a photo. 

Rep. Rosenberger (pictured above) continued by speaking of the importance of education and preparing for the future.  He applauded the graduates for taking this step to continue their education and better themselves and encouraged them to keep going.  Representative Rosenberger also reflected on his political career to date which has included not only serving the people of Ohio, but working in the White House; serving as national political events coordinator for Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign; and being Special Assistant to U.S. Secretary of Interior, Dirk Kempthorne.  He currently serves on the Ohio House Higher Education Study Committee.  Representative Rosenberger is also an Air Force veteran.

Next, student speaker Joan Martinez, a medical assisting graduate, read a poem titled “There is No Rest for Success” by Felix Lugo.  Its message encouraged success through education, hard work, friendship and charity.  A portion of the poem reads: “Success doesn’t come through the way you think it comes; it comes from the way you think.”

Elizabeth Chadwick, an ISE graduate received the M.A. Smythe award; Adrianne Joiner, a medical office program graduate and honor student received the Mary P. McGurn award; Twan Clark, a systems and user support graduate, the Achievement award; Cortnee Sosby, HIM graduate, the E. M. Coulter award; Mary Burkhead, a business administration – accounting graduate and honor student, the Joseph E. Hurn award; and the Leadership Award went to Jeffrey Strazdins, a military student and business administration – management graduate.

Kelly Privette, a medical assisting graduate and previous leadership award recipient, returned to receive the Alumni Hall of Achievement award.  Kelly thanked the Columbus Campus for the award and for “teaching her well.”  She thanked the staff and faculty and she spoke to the graduates, students and families about the possibilities that are there for everyone.  “I have come a long way…keeping positive is key, if I can do it, you can do it,” said Kelly, reflecting on her college experience.  “Success can be achieved by anyone who stays focused on the path to reach it.”  Kelly plans to continue her education by working toward a BSN degree in the future.   In closing, she cited Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem “Success.” 

Graduates are pictured above on stage during the Columbus Campus graduation ceremony.

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Campus Celebrates its Graduates

Campus Celebrates its Graduates

The Fort Wayne Campus recently held its third graduation ceremony in the auditorium of the downtown location of the Allen County Public Library.  Amid applause and cheering from proud family members and friends, 25 graduates walked across the stage to receive their diplomas.

Senator Dennis Kruse was the keynote speaker.  He motivated the graduates to think about their lives and future according to the “Seven C’s”: Compass - the direction of life; Choices – make wise ones; Clarity – be clear about goals; Confidence – have it in yourself and others; Career – work hard and prepare for opportunities; Conflict – it will happen, work your way through it; and Charity – be sure to give back.

Campus Director Judith Matlin quoted William Butler Yeats: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”  Judith then urged the graduates to, “Take this fire and light the world up!”

Pictured are graduates Gonzalo Deleon and Barbara Burgett during the Fort Wayne Campus's graduation ceremony held in May.

Mother, Daughter, and Friend Enroll Together With the Same Career Goal

Mother, Daughter, and Friend Enroll Together With the Same Career Goal

Lakita Walker, Tameka Mitchell, and Cynthia Walker all enrolled in the medical assisting program at the Dayton Area Campus this term.  Tameka, who had attended American National University before, feels very strongly about her commitment.  She believes in the school so much that she helped guide her good friend Lakita and Lakita’s mom, Cynthia, into moving from the community college where they were attending to joining her, where they could actually see a career light at the end of the tunnel.  “I like the environment at American National University,” said Tameka.  “The staff, the teachers, [and] the setting is welcoming.  I feel comfortable and safe [here] and I know Lakita and Cynthia will too.”  

Cynthia said that her daughter and Tameka have been an encouragement to her. “I have put off taking care of myself for so long…raising kids, then grandkids, now it is time to take care of me,” said Cynthia. "I want to continue my education, complete my associate’s degree and get a career that will allow me to hopefully help someone.  I want to give back [and] help someone in need.  I have been blessed, and this will be my proudest accomplishment.”

When Lakita learned that National’s primary focus is to ensure students work in their field she knew it was for her.  “I need a career, I need more than the dead end jobs I have had in the past,” said Lakita. “My education at American National University will allow me to take care of myself and my family.”

Pictured are Lakita Walker (l), Tameka Mitchell (center), and Cynthia Walker (Lakita’s Mom) who recently enrolled in the Dayton Area Campus's medical assisting degree program.

Student Activities Committee Honors Faculty

Student Activities Committee Honors Faculty

The Danville, Virginia Campus Student Activities Council (SAC) recently honored their faculty with a special luncheon event.  The event provided an opportunity for students to express their gratitude for the work done each day by instructors.  It also allowed the students to sit down and have a meal with their instructors.

Following a brief ceremony conducted by students, all attending faculty members were presented with fresh food and a special certificate honoring their hard work. The idea for the event came from students during a recent SAC meeting.

The feedback from both students and instructors was overwhelmingly positive. “The instructors were really appreciative of what we did for them,” said Dawaun Carter, SAC member “Some were really shocked.”

The students weren’t the only ones who were impressed with the event. “It was very nice and thoughtful of the students to organize this event for us,” said Leslie Waller, an instructor in the MAA program. “I actually framed the certificate the students presented to me.”

“The event went very well for the teachers and it made their day because they work so hard teaching us,” said SAC Vice President Susan Shogan.

The SAC plans to continue the faculty appreciation luncheon on a yearly basis as a means to honor the exceptional faculty at the Danville Campus.

Pictured (l to r) are student Dawaun Carter, instructors Angela Andrepont, Kristen Echols, Byron Rawlinson, Preston Whitlow, Leslie Waller, and student Susan Shogan at a SAC sponsored faculty appreciation luncheon.

Confidence and Certifications Leads to Two Job Offers for Graduate

Confidence and Certifications Leads to Two Job Offers for Graduate

Nancy Van Hook (pictured) discovered just how in-demand well-trained registered medical assistants are, when she received two job offers before completing her associate’s degree program at the Danville, Kentucky Campus.  Medical assisting was one of several careers recently featured on NBC’s “ Today” show during their series which showcased good-paying jobs that can be obtained through career college education.

Nancy accepted a job offer from the Bluegrass Clinic, a general practice that’s located just five minutes from her home. “It’s been pretty awesome,” said Nancy. “I feel like I’ve been very blessed to have a job before I even graduate.”

In her work at Bluegrass Clinic, she enjoys helping the doctors care for patients who suffer from a wide variety of illnesses and injuries. “We’re a very busy office.  On an average daily basis, we see 150-200 patients,” she said.  “I really like the general field, because you get to be with all ages and see all things.”

She has a wide variety of duties in the office, including giving injections, drawing blood, and triaging patients.  “Today, I feel very confident in my ability and very trained in what I’m doing.  All of the skills that I got at National are put to use,” said Nancy, who is also certified as a phlebotomist (NCPT).  “My skills have allowed me to work with the primary care doctor, as well as the OB/GYN specialist.  There was nothing that I didn’t feel ready for.”

As she reflects on the two-year transformation that she’s made, Nancy is amazed at the self-confidence that she gained through her program at National. “It built up my self-confidence, because they were always encouraging me, and told me that I could do it,” she said. “I’m just really glad that I made this decision.  It’s just been life-changing, and I thank God for National.”

Medical Students Tour Medical Center

Medical Students Tour Medical Center

Medical assisting and phlebotomy students from the Pikeville campus recently visited the Pikeville Medical Center for a tour of the facilities.  

Steven Goff, a phlebotomy supervisor, guided the students on a tour of the pathology and laboratory departments.  Mr. Goff is one of the shift supervisors who oversee the daily operations of these labs.  During the tour, the students were instructed in great detail about the different machines and tests that were available in the hospital.  

In the pathology lab, students were able to see different specimens, including an appendix and a uterus that had cancerous tumors.  

Wilma Storey, director of health care education said, “The experience was beneficial to the students to actually see the test performed rather than being lectured on the procedures.”

Medical students from the Pikeville Campus are pictured during their recent field trip to the Pikeville Medical Center.

Graduate Uses Her Accounting Degree to Help Run Her Family's Business

Graduate Uses Her Accounting Degree to Help Run Her Family's Business

Kayla Hadden (pictured) was excited to accept her diploma at the Florence Campus graduation ceremony after earning high honors in the business administration-accounting associate’s degree program at American National University.  

Kayla was working for the U.S. Postal Service when she came to the campus in 2012.  “They were really welcoming,” she recalled of her first visit.

She had always loved math so she decided to pursue a career in accounting.  “I love seeing how to get to that final number,” she explained.

Kayla was determined to get her degree, so much so that she returned to class just eleven days after having her child. Her hard work and determination paid off when the accounting skills that she gained in her program enabled her husband to open his own business, Hadden Brothers, LLC, a painting and remodeling company.

“I do all of the books...and all of the payroll, so I’m really able to put my degree to use,” said Kayla.

Two Different Paths Earn Classmates Their RMA Certifications

Two Different Paths Earn Classmates Their RMA Certifications

Kristen Kent and Mel Harris recently earned their medical assisting degrees from the Lexington Campus and quickly excelled. They completed their courses and externships, and both of them passed their RMA certification exam.  The end results are the same…but Kristen and Mel arrived at their chosen destination via different journeys.

Kristen first attended the college in 2000, but the duties of raising her family took center stage.  “My family was my first priority, said Kristen.  “I gladly made the decision to postpone my training, but I was determined to return – which I did on a couple of occasions, to earn my degree.  I returned in 2013 and fulfilled my dream.  Passing the RMA exam on my first try [was] thrilling.  The excellent instructors at National guided me thru the program and the flexible scheduling made it easy to work full-time and attend my classes.”   

Mel achieved his dreams in a different but no less-amazing fashion.  “I was down and out,” said Mel regarding why he enrolled.  “I was working a dead-end job and I had no hope at all.  I knew I needed an education to have a real career.  I passed my GED and heard a commercial about National on my way to that dead-end job.  I was scared to death when I started National, but my teachers saw something in me that I didn’t see.  They taught me how to study and how to LEARN.  They molded me so I could succeed and I am so grateful.  I learned who I am and that success was a choice.  My time at National was a tremendous experience.  I wanted more for my family and myself.  I have achieved this with everyone’s help and guidance.  I can’t thank everyone here at National enough for what they have done for me.”

Pictured are graduates Kristen Kent and Mel Harris who both recently graduated from the Lexington Campus and passed the RMA exam.

Bell Techlogix Named as a Distinguished Community Employer

Bell Techlogix Named as a Distinguished Community Employer

Bell Techlogix, a company that provides comprehensive IT services to clients across the country, was recently recognized as a Distinguished Community Employer by the Indianapolis Campus due to its strong support of American National University and career education.

On Friday, July 11th, career center director Brooke Richardson presented the award to Bell Techlogix senior recruiter Tom Ebbinghaus. They were joined by three American National University graduates who were hired by the company: Lori Thompson, who works as a tier I support analyst; Yvonne Headrick, who works as a help desk analyst; and April Nowell, who works as a dedicated IT analyst.

Mr. Ebbinghaus said that Bell Techlogix currently employs six American National University graduates and they are all very solid employees. “The curriculum is great. They seem very well prepared when they come in,” he said. “What they’ve learned at National has certainly reflected in the success that they’ve had here.”

Tom works closely with Brooke, who provides him with graduates’ résumés when he has job openings.  Bell Techlogix also participated in the last two career fairs that were held at the Indianapolis Campus. “Brooke’s been great.  I’m always asking her to send us more graduates and students who might be looking to get their first foot in the industry,” he said. “It’s been a great school to work with.”

Career center director Brooke Richardson (far left) is pictured presenting the Distinguished Community Employer plaque to Bell Techlogix employees (l to r) graduate Yvonne Headrick, Tom Ebbinghaus (senior recruiter), and graduates April Nowell and Lori Thompson.

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