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National College – Online Student Overview

What’s it like being an online student?

Online Overview

“Why would you want to take classes online instead of in a classroom?”

» High Transportation Costs
» Work Schedules
» Long Commutes
» Family Priorities

Today’s working adults have a lot on their plates. They may have the challenges of balancing unpredictable work schedules; child care or other family priorities; long, expensive commutes; or a combination of the three – all while trying to get an education. The way for some to cope in today’s fast-paced world is to take advantage of the convenience and flexibility of online classes. Online students can take comfort in knowing that a move, schedule change, or anything else will not affect their studies. Online classes are not for everybody, but being an National College student is all about choices.

To be successful in online classes, students will need to set aside study time, have the right equipment and, most importantly, have the right study skills. If you are curious about whether an online program might be a good choice for you, think about these things: