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Windows 10: 10 Things You Should Know

Windows 10:  10 Things You Should Know

Aug 03, 2015

Windows 10, the newest operating system from Microsoft, was released July 29, 2015 and will be available for upload to tiers of users in the coming weeks. Windows 10 includes many exciting innovations and updates from previous incarnations of the OS, and it also incorporates some new and inventive technologies. Check out the 10 most interesting and exciting features of this upgrade:

1. Two Choices of Browser

The new Windows 10 offers users a choice of two internet browsers: Internet Explorer--the traditional Microsoft offering--and the company's newest, most advanced browser: Edge.

2. Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft's answer to Apple's Siri. The voice-activated assistant was previously only available on mobile devices. With Windows 10, users are now able to use Cortana via their desktop and have the ability to control their computer using voice commands.

3. Universal App Platform

Windows 10 is the first Windows OS that has a universal app platform, which means that apps you buy to use on your desktop will also be available on your other Microsoft devices, like your smartphone or tablet.

4. It's (Mostly) Free

For users of Microsoft 7 and up, Windows 10 is free to download for one year starting on the date of its release. This means many current Microsoft users can access the upgraded OS for free.

5. Uses Hologram Technology

Windows 10 uses Microsoft Holographic, a holographic technology that will allow users to wear Microsoft HoloLens projection goggles and interact with their computer in three dimensions. This opens up the opportunity for 3D games, video chats and much more.

6. More Advanced PC Gaming Features

The new Microsoft OS is particularly well-suited for gaming. In addition to higher resolution and faster gaming performance, the OS will also feature a "game DVR" mode, allowing users to record 30 seconds of their gameplay. It will also allow for cross Xbox and PC gameplay.

7. Additional Security Features

Microsoft 10 has added security features, which makes it a safer and more secure platform. The OS features a native two-factor authentication for access. It also allows users to lock down devices and only run Microsoft-approved apps to prevent viruses and malware.

8. Multiple Desktops

Users of Windows 10 have access to multiple desktops, as well as a task view function, which will allow them to see all open programs, files and folders at once.

9. Updated Built-in Apps

The OS comes with a slew of new and updated built-in apps, including the People app for contacts, the photos app for organizing and editing photos and OneDrive for cloud storage.

10. Continuum

Windows 10 includes a feature called continuum, which allows users to seamlessly switch between their desktop, phone and tablet. This means that users are able to continue working on something (in an app or program) without interruption, even if they have to switch between devices.

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