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Volunteer Firefighter Parlays Passion for Helping Others into New Medical Career

May 04, 2015

While working as a volunteer firefighter, Jessica Pike has had the opportunity to help save many lives providing first aid to victims while waiting for the rescue squad or a medevac helicopter to arrive. “I think quick on my feet. When you give me a chaotic situation, I’m the calm one of the whole bunch,” Jessica explained. “You’re there to help somebody at their lowest and when they need you the worst, and that’s why I do it.”

Jessica was often encouraged by her fire chief and other members of the fire department to find a career in the medical field. It wasn’t until she was laid off from yet another job in a local factory that she made the decision to do so, and she enrolled in the medical assisting program at American National University’s Danville, Kentucky Campus. “After three factories shut down, I got fed up, and National was my out,” she explained. “I came to National and [director of health care education] Stephanie Slone and [instructor] Jennifer Lyon saw something in me that nobody else saw.”

With encouragement and support from the staff and faculty at National, Jessica excelled in her program, earning a spot on the Dean’s List almost every term. Her hard work and knowledge was evident to the busy family clinic where she worked as an extern, and she was hired by the practice before graduating. “I work hard. I give it 110%,” Jessica said of her new career as a registered medical assistant (RMA). “It has boosted my confidence like you would never believe. It has really brought me to a new level in life.”

Volunteer firefighter Jessica Pike earned her degree in the medical assisting program at the Danville, Kentucky Campus after several factories where she previously worked shut down.

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