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Veteran Uses Education Benefits To Return For His Bachelor’s Degree Online

Aug 21, 2012

Stephen Sally, who graduated from the Florence Campus with his associate’s degree in business administration-management, has returned to enroll in the American National University online program, where he is working toward his bachelor’s degree. Steve is a disabled veteran and is utilizing his Chapter 31 benefits to fund his education.

Steve’s wife Connie, also a graduate of American National University, was attending classes at the Florence Campus when Steve decided to check the school out for himself. He was unaware that educational benefits were available to disabled veterans until he talked with Director of Admissions Regina Becker. “Regina pointed me in the right direction. I took the ball and ran with it,” he recalled. “The benefits are out there to use. I feel that along with my military benefits, I deserve them.”

Steve became a military ambassador for the Florence Campus to inspire and assist other veterans. “If I can help out one person—I’ve done my job,” he said, adding that he strives to be professional in everything that he does, and that he’s tried to set a good example for the younger students on campus.
Steve did a lot of research before enrolling in the online classes. “I have a game plan for everything I do. I think it out and I make it happen,” he says. “Same thing with school—I’ve been successful and continuing online I’m still successful—straight A’s as of this semester,” he shared proudly.

He said that while he enjoyed his classes at the Florence Campus, the online program offers flexibility and independence. “It’s a different kind of learning—no face to face. But I love it,” Steve says of the online courses, where he gets constant feedback from his instructors and participates in discussions with fellow online students.

In both the on-campus and the online programs, Steve found instructors who cared and who pushed him to excel. Online instructor Althea Lancaster and Florence Campus instructor Cheryl Heer were two of those. “I feel like I’m a lot smarter person because they pushed me,” he said.

Steve encourages other veterans to take advantage of the benefits that they have available to them and to consider American National University. “I would suggest just checking things out,” he said. “It made a big difference in my life and in my family’s life.”

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