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Students Prepare for Job Search

Feb 04, 2013

Throughout the month of January, students at the Louisville Campus participated in a series of career readiness seminars organized by career center director Donna Reed-Carson. Sessions were held in the afternoons and evenings to accommodate student schedules. The seminar curriculum included sessions on professionalism, résumé building, job searching, and interviewing skills.

In the job search presentation, students learned about the importance of various tools, including the Internet, LinkedIn profiles, externships, and volunteer work. The interviewing seminar focused on answering tough questions posed by potential employers. Students were also encouraged to prepare questions to ask during an interview. Donna said the information presented in the seminars was developed by a board of career center directors, and employers have asked for this type of training. After completing the seminars, Donna encourages students to include their training accomplishments on their résumés.

Doug Vaughn, a student in the information systems engineering degree program and a Navy veteran, is one of several students to participate in the career readiness seminars. He decided to get an education so that he could find a new job that will pay more than minimum wage to support his family.

Career center director Donna Reed-Carson (left) is pictured during a career readiness seminar with student Doug Vaughn.

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