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Students Learn From Mock Interviews

Sep 04, 2012

Students from the Louisville, Lynchburg, and Indianapolis campuses learned about resume writing and interviewing do’s and don’ts when they recently participated in mock interviews with Instructor Luis Alicea-Batlle. The mock interviews were held as part of their human resource management classroom conferencing class.

For the project, Luis chose a white collar and blue collar job description from Career Builder and asked the students to tailor their resumes to the jobs. He then instructed them to create questions that an employer might ask during interviews for these positions and also asked them to develop questions that they, as interviewees, could ask the employer about the job. They also discussed questions that are illegal for employers to ask during interviews.

Panel interviews were conducted by the students for the white collar job and one-on-one interviews were held for the blue collar position. “We critique each other as far as what went right and what needs to be improved,” explained Luis. “A lot of times I’ve had students say that they remember everything from my class when they go for an interview. They’re learning but they’re having fun.”

Jamie Berry-Harris, a student in the business administration—management associate degree program was one of the students who participated in the mock interview. She is working as a claims adjuster at Humana and is attending National through the company’s tuition assistance program. “It was a good experience,” she said. “Really it made me more relaxed for when I go for an interview--I will be prepared.”

Jamie also had an opportunity to act as the interviewer during the mock interview and that was a role that she enjoyed. “I want to stay at Humana and move up to a management position. When we did the interviews I was one of the interviewers. It was fun being on the other side of it,” she said.

Pictured at the top are students (l to r) Leanna Gant, Johnny Carlton (back), Kamilo Abdella (front), Patricia Pierce, Roderick Sims (front), instructor Luis Alicea-Batlle and Tommyia Crawford who joined students from the Lynchburg and Indianapolis Campuses for mock interviews as part of their human resources management video conference class.

Jamie Berry-Harris, pictured in bottom photo, enjoyed conducting interviews during the mock interview project in instructor Luis Alicea-Batlle's human resource management video conference class.

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