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Students Hear from Expert in the Field

Mar 18, 2013

Students in the health information technology (HIT) and medical coding classes at the Louisville Campus recently attended a presentation by Christy Murphy, a registered health information technologist.

Ms. Murphy works for a large health care company, and she presented information about the use of a chargemaster in medical coding. A chargemaster is a listing of charges for procedures, drugs, and supplies that standardizes pricing and coding throughout a health care facility. Students learned that conscientious use of a chargemaster provides information for internal and external audits, helps ensure accuracy of billing, and may improve the revenue of the medical facility. Ms. Murphy also talked about the different careers available in the fields of HIT and coding.

Noting the trend in computer assisted coding, Ms. Murphy assured the students that computer assisted coding will not replace the skills of a coder. However, the coder’s role may change. Instead of assigning codes to each item, future coders may function like auditors, verifying that information is correct.

The information Ms. Murphy shared was helpful to students in the HIT and medical billing programs as they plan for the new careers.

Guest speaker Christy Murphy (left) is pictured at the Louisville Campus with instructor Felicia Ray.

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