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Students Benefit from Mock Interviewing Session

Feb 20, 2013

Students in instructor Luis Alicea-Batlle’s Human Resource Management class at the Louisville Campus recently participated in mock interviews. Luis wanted students to participate in the hands-on activity to develop an understanding of the interviewing process without the stress and pressure of the real thing.

During this assignment, the students were questioned by a panel of three fellow students acting as potential employers. They also had the opportunity to participate in a one-on-one interview. According to group leader Saria Moffitt, a student in the business administration-management program, the students in her group did a good job researching and preparing for interview questions.

Sonya Barlow, who portrayed an interviewee, thought the interview was realistic. “Some of the questions were overwhelming.” Sonya is also pursuing a business administration-management degree. Her motivation for continuing her education stems from a promise she made to her children that she would go back to school.

Also participating in the mock interviews was Tangela Tarpin, who is pursuing degrees from the business administration-management and accounting programs. Tangela participated in a one-on-one interview. She hopes to use her education and new interviewing skills to move up in the company she has been with for eleven years.

Business instructor Luis Alicea-Batlle (left) is pictured offering Sonya Barlow feedback following her mock interview. "She was a good study because she provided a lot of non-verbal communications and she was not aware it was taking place," said Luis.

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