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Student Becomes Station Manager of Radio Network before Graduation

Dec 16, 2013

Chad McKenzie is a self-taught filmmaker who has produced and sold a number of documentaries on the paranormal.  “I always liked ghosts and UFOs, anything that was out of the normal, I was interested in it,” he recalled.

But when the economy took a downturn, it became more difficult to sell his films, so he decided to look for employment in the entertainment industry. “Everywhere that I called, they knew I had experience editing and filmmaking, but they said, ‘You don’t have that degree,’” he explained.

After finding the Lexington Campus radio and television broadcasting (RTB) program through an online search, he moved closer to Lexington to be near the campus.

Since he came into the program with a working-knowledge of the field, Chad was glad to find instructors who have experience in broadcasting.  “I like that the RTB director (department chair Bill Gray) is a hands-on guy, he worked in the industry, so he’s not just teaching from books, he’s telling you how it is in the real world,” he said.  “The easiest way for me to learn is from first-hand knowledge.”

Using the expanded skills that he’s gained in the program, Chad began producing and hosting his own weekly radio show, Paranormally Correct.  The show, which airs each Thursday at 8 p.m. EST online on the ParaMania Radio Network (, features filmmakers from the horror industry and hosts of TV shows that focus on paranormal activity.  According to Chad, the show’s funny, light-hearted approach to the paranormal has helped it become the top show on the network, and it currently has almost 5,000 listeners each week.

As the ParaMania Radio Network continues to grow in popularity, the station’s owners have become interested in syndication, and recently hired Chad as the station manager to help take the station to the next level.  “Because of being here at National, I got promoted to station manager, because…they needed someone more versed in the laws [and] ethics…and I had those classes here,” he said.  “We are hoping to get affiliated with CBS radio…and we have to know what we can and can’t say on the air…so [my classes at National] helped me immensely.  The reason that I got promoted to station manager was because of my training.”

Chad looks forward to a bright future in broadcasting and entertainment as he travels across the country making documentaries, and serving as the guest speaker at conferences and conventions on the paranormal.  After graduating, he hopes to work in production for a local TV station, and feels that he will now find success there, as well, thanks to his education.  “It has opened a lot of doors,” he said of his program at National.

Student Chad McKenzie is a self-taught filmmaker who is now a station manager of the ParaMania Radio Network.

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