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Sara Sparks – Difference Maker at the Madison Campus

Jun 10, 2013

Sara Sparks at the Madison Campus was selected as a National College Difference Maker.

Director of Student Services

• National College of Business & Technology staff member since 2008
• Recipient of Outstanding College Member of the Year award for the Madison Campus in 2012

Graduated from Middle Tennessee State University

I really admire our students’ tenacity and desire to learn. So many of our students are faced with life’s obstacles but continue to persevere and succeed in their classes.

I listen to our students and when they feel like they cannot succeed, I help them remember what their goals are. I try to make sure they know my office is always open to them.

My greatest reward as a National College employee is knowing that I hold a small part in helping students achieve their goals. It is tremendously gratifying when a student comes to me and thanks me for helping them with their financial aid or for helping them understand something they did not once understand.

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