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Roanoke Valley Campus Veterans Day Celebration

Dec 10, 2013

With many family members that have served in the military, student Eva Lynn was glad to be a part of the Roanoke Valley Campus Veterans Day celebration that took place in November.  Sitting next to her granddaughter, student Kristin Alls, the two paid tribute to Eva’s grandfather who served in World War I; her father who served in World War II; and her brother who served in Vietnam.

Two ceremonies were held at the Roanoke Valley Campus – one in the morning and one in the evening – on Veterans Day, November 11 and all students, faculty, and staff were invited to attend.  After a short video and remarks from ANU President Frank Longaker, participating veterans and their families were recognized for their service.  Filled with emotion as they remembered their loved ones, Kristin and Eva were thankful for the opportunity to recognize their family.

Paying tribute to family veterans during a Veterans Day ceremony is just one of many things that Eva and Kristin enjoy doing together while attending ANU.  They are both enrolled in the tourism and hospitality associate’s degree program.  Eva, who said she had always wanted to go to college but “life kept getting in the way,” hopes to find a job in hotel management upon graduation.  Kristin said she likes to organize and plan special events.  She hopes to use her degree to work for an event planning organization or a civic center.

With plans to graduate together at the Spring 2015 commencement ceremony, Eva and Kristin look forward to celebrating their academic accomplishments and new careers together.

A- Student Eva Lynn is pictured on the right with granddaughter and fellow student Kristin Alls at the Roanoke Valley Campus’s Veterans Day ceremony.

B- Guests of the Roanoke Valley Veterans Day ceremony are pictured as they stand in respect for the song “Taps.”

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