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Retiree Returns to School to Gain Business Skills for Volunteer Work with Non-Profit Organization

Dec 16, 2013

Pete Miller, who had a successful career working as a veterinarian and in product development for several small companies, was enjoying an early retirement, when he decided that he wanted to spend some of his free time giving back to his church and community.

He began serving on the board of directors of Adventure Serve Ministries (formerly Confrontation Point Ministries), a non-profit organization that funds youth mission trips that include a home repair service project, followed by an adventure activity such as rappelling, canoeing,  caving or hiking.  “It’s a really cool deal, because the kids grow a lot, and they’re serving someone, which is important to me,” he explained.

But when he was asked to help organize the non-profit’s financial records to better monitor income and spending, Pete found that he didn’t have the business knowledge that he needed to complete the project.

“I thought ‘If I’m going to start a business of my own, or if I’m going to be on the boards of non-profits, I need to learn the business-side of things,’ so I looked for a place to do that,” he recalled of his decision to enroll at the Richmond Campus.

After graduating from the business administration management diploma program, Pete now feels that he has the business tools that he needs to be more of an asset to any organization or business. “I just want the numbers, I don’t need all the fluff, and the business classes were good.   The ethics pieces, and how they were structured, were very worthwhile.  The business model from [my accounting instructor Eric] Vogler… was very, very applicable,” he said.  “It just put me in a stronger position to serve, and understand the business side of things.”

Pete Miller, graduate of the Richmond Campus business administration management diploma program.