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Phlebotomy Skills are Integral Part of Medical Assisting Training

Sep 08, 2015

Medical assisting students from the Lexington Campus’s Invasive Clinical Procedures class gathered together to practice and perfect their phlebotomy skills on the training simulator in preparation to perform actual venipunctures. Phlebotomy is one of the many clinical skills in a medical assistant’s repertoire, and students are able to perform unlimited venipunctures on the life-like training arm to assure proficiency in all areas of phlebotomy. Once their skills are evaluated and their instructor feels they are proficient, the students will then be allowed to perform actual venipunctures on volunteers.

“This simulation gave me the confidence to perform the procedure on a real volunteer.”

“This training gives us a chance to practice our skills before drawing blood from a real person,” commented medical assisting student Andrea Garrett. “The training arm is very life-like. This simulation gave me the confidence to perform the procedure on a real volunteer, and it was easy.”

“Medical assistants are one of the industry’s most versatile health care professionals,” explained director of health science education Jessica Hart. “This type of repetitive training builds confidence, muscle memory, and a high level of skill for our students. You can never train too much for clinical skills.” 

A- Medical assisting students in the Clinical Invasive Procedures class include (clockwise from bottom left): Sierra Domingo, Andrea Garrett, Amanda Reynolds, Ashlee Elkins, Stacie Adams, and Davina Brown.

B- Student Ashlee Elkins practices a venipuncture on the Lexington Campus’s training simulator.

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