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Personal Experiences Lead Student to a New Career in the Medical Field

Personal Experiences Lead Student to a New Career in the Medical Field

Dec 16, 2013

Renee Long graduated from the Akron Area Campus in August of 2012.  She is employed by the Unity Health Network which has approximately 20 medical offices in Cuyahoga Falls.  She is a “floating” employee, meaning that she gets to work in the various locations of the medical system.  Currently, she is working at the Akron City Hospital in the Pulmonary Critical Care Department. 

Before coming to American National University, Renee worked at Hope Homes, an adult daycare for the elderly who are physically or mentally disabled.  At the same time, she was also caring for two family members, one who had extensive disabilities and one who had suffered an injury.  Because of these very personal experiences as a caregiver, she decided that she wanted to obtain formal medical training.  She knew that she liked helping people.

She chose National because it was close to home, was a small college, and she liked the fact that the classes were small instead of “100 people in classes,” said Renee.  She added that she really enjoyed going to school and teaching (she tutored students in four classes: Accounting 1, Medical Terminology, Algebra, and Introduction to Pharmacy).

Her favorite instructor was “Miss Deb” (Deb Tymcio, director of healthcare education).  “She kept me focused and intrigued us to know more,” Renee said.  “She welcomed questions, helped me to grow, and helped nurture [me as well].”  Renee credits National for helping with her communications skills, enhancing her résumé, and helping her to get a good job.

Renee was hired on August 13th of 2012 and sat for the registered medical assistant certification on August 15th.  She said that in part because of her RMA certification, she is very versatile and can perform various duties in different offices as needed.  She can check patients in and out, and can be an extra medical assistant or extra nurse to work directly with the physicians.  She has worked as many as six days a week and as many as 60 hours a week as needed.   

Because every office is different and she is still constantly learning on the job, she carries a rolling flight bag with her every day.  The flight bag includes a notebook, writing tablets,instructions on how to do pre-certifications, procedure codes, diagnosis codes, and even her own stethoscope so she is prepared for every job. 

Renee loves the medical field so much that she is considering returning to school to become a registered nurse.  She said, “The more you know, the better off you are.”

A-Graduate Renee Long entered the medical field after being drawn to it by personal experiences.

B-Graduate Renee Long takes the blood pressure of student Rose Green.

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