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Patrenna Singletary-Difference Maker at the Memphis Campus

Apr 29, 2013

Patrenna Singletary at the Memphis Campus



Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in organizational management and leadership from Crichton College

There is a mutual admiration and appreciation I have for my students. The dedication and the wealth of knowledge they bring to the table is uncanny. During our class discussions, we share very valuable advice, whether it is concerning a worldview, incident at work, or life skills. There is always a valuable contribution I receive from my students. I am truly grateful to them, and I so admire them for this.

I like to challenge my students by allowing them to become comfortable enough to come out of their comfort zones. Quite a few students fear public speaking and utilizing technology. I explain to them the relevance of having these skills and try to nurture them into trying new and different approaches. Most importantly, I remind them of how much of a competitive advantage they can add to their professional skill sets by mastering these skills.

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