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Oral Communications Class Presents Final Speeches

Dec 02, 2013

On Tuesday, November 19th, students from instructor Annette Strom’s Oral Communications class gathered in the Louisville Campus auditorium to present their final speeches.  The speeches covered a wide variety of topics including Buying a Home, Disciplining Children, Fire Safety, Depression, the Effects of Heroin on the Body, Cell Phones and Interaction, Astrology, and more.

Dontasha Drake, a student in the health information management associate’s degree program, presented a speech titled “Stress” which covered its causes, its effects, and ways to overcome it.  Her speech included statistics and personal experiences which were informative and held the audience’s interest.

“It went great,” Dontasha said following her presentation.  “In the beginning [of the term], I actually had a hard time.  I could not do my first piece the first day…but today went very well.  I was comfortable and confident,” she said.

Dontasha, a 2005 graduate of the medical assisting program at the Louisville Campus, said that the skills she gained in the class are already benefiting her in her work as an Emergency Room Tech at Norton Brownsboro Hospital, where she serves as a preceptor to new employees.  “I usually have two or three [new employees] that I have to sit down and talk to,” said Dontasha.  “I was a little shy about doing that, and I would mumble through everything, but since I took this class, it’s made it a whole lot easier.” 

A-Dontasha Drake is shown presenting a speech on stress during her oral communications class in the Louisville Campus auditorium.

B- Students from instructor Annette Strom's Oral Communications class gathered for a photo after giving their Final Speeches in the Louisville Campus auditorium.

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